Okay, so I went to Sonic the other day...

That is how I was going to start this blog post. However, after disclosing my intentions to Kiara, she alerted me to the hilarity of my proposition. And I do have to concur.

Talking about my first experience at Sonic is a little quaint. But I am going to do it anyway. There must be someone searching for personal anecdotes about Sonic. So...

I went to Sonic the other day. I've never gone before, mostly due to distance. But now that I have experienced this interesting concept for a fast food joint, I thinking about going again.

Learning "how to Sonic" is quite simple. Drive up to one of their special parking lot drive thrus, figure out your desired choices, press the big red button, repeat back and pay the order, and that's it. A server should come roller-blading to your car in about five to ten minutes.

The concept of just sitting in your car is interesting, but, as Kiara pointed out later, its just like sitting in a restaurant... just in your car. I felt weird, though. Like I was hogging the parking space.

They do have the traditional drive thru that allows people to get the food and go.

On my first experience at Sonic, I had the double bacon cheeseburger with fries. Their burger is delicious, seemed like it was cooked medium well, and was gone within a few minutes. But that's just my insatiable appetite, thanks to that Zombies Run game I wrote about a few weeks ago.

The fries are delicious as well, but, of course, McDonald's fries are phenomenal. I'm sure, though, Sonic's are more bio-degradable.

To drink, I had Coke Zero, but with real Vanilla flavoring. One of the interesting things at Sonic is their customizability with their drinks. Not only do you get ten different Coke-Cola branded soft drinks, but you can mix and match different flavorings for almost 400,000 combinations.

Kiara had a cookies-n-creme milkshake, and she certainly enjoyed it. Every last drop. It definitely smelled delicious, and I might have to try one of their milkshakes on my next stop at Sonic.

Overall, I enjoyed my first meal at Sonic, and I hope you, the reader, ate something before reading this blog post. I'm sure your salvinating over the keyboard, if you haven't.

Until next time, take care.

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